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Use Custom Hoodies To Welcome Kids Back To School In 2022

Schools across the country still have to decide if it’s safe to open schools after the holidays. 

But whether it’s in-person or virtual, every school should welcome kids to a new academic year in 2022 on a positive note. 

Today we talk about how you can use custom hoodies to boost kids’ enthusiasm as they come back to school. 

Custom Printed Hoodies for Schools

Social distancing shouldn’t hamper student’s unity with their peers and their schools. Many schools are using spirit wear to connect teachers, staff, students, and parents beyond the classroom. 

You can print custom embroidered hoodies and allow parents to collect them through curbside pickups or even provide home delivery. 

Design Tips

When designing hoodies, it also helps to incorporate the latest trends in design. Once printed, encourage students to adorn their custom outfits during class and virtual meetups.

They can even upload photos in their custom hoodies on their social media. 

Door-step Delivery

The first wave of COVID-19 took everyone by surprise. But now we can incorporate the lessons learned to make learning easier for students without violating pandemic protocols.

For instance, schools can achieve this by sending care packages with a ‘welcome back to school’ message. These simple goodie bags may contain custom hoodies, books, stationery, and other items to help them adjust to home learning for a few more months. 

To sum up, it’s evident that this school year will be unlike any other. And this makes it all the more essential to start on the right note. 

Our custom embroidered hoodies can help you start the winter term with a bang! We offer a fast turnaround, and no design is too difficult for us.

Let’s create something beautiful together!

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