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5 Tips to Order Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirts work well for all events, whether it’s a college party, a business conference, or a fundraiser. 

Here are 5 ways to never go wrong with event custom T-Shirts. 

1 – Set A Budget

Ideally, you should start with the design and colors. But determining the budget first makes things easier. This is because you will be paying for custom tee services, and like most services, you get what you pay for. 

Once you settle on a price, talk to a couple of design and print companies that provide custom t-shirts, and they will tell you the colors and designs available in your budget. 

2 – Choose The Kind Of Shirt To Order

This process becomes easier once you know what’s available within your resources. Ask for a catalog of custom printed t-shirts and explore your options. You should also think about the kind of shirt and fabric you want to print on (e.g. sports shirts, collared shirts, buttoned tees etc.)

3 – Brainstorm Ideas

Creativity and brainstorming lie at the heart of custom t-shirt success. So get your peers together and come up with a basic design for your shirt. By this time, you will have a list of available colors and styles, which makes ideation easier. That said, it’s always good to let professionals help you with the design.

4 – Finalize The Order

At this stage, you should have decided:

  • What kind of custom embroidered t-shirts to print on
  • The design of the shirts
  • Sizes and quantities

Once these details are finalized, go through the checklist again to see if any changes are needed. And then you can place the order. 

5 – Order Extra T-Shirts

This can’t be overstated. 

You should have enough t-shirts ordered for the event. In fact, we suggest you order a couple of extra tees just to be safe. This is especially true if you are printing t-shirts for a fundraiser. 

That’s about it! Keep these tips in mind when using customized apparel for your next event.

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